Quote of the day

Kenneth Glasgow

All of us are suffering separately. When we come together, we see the power of all of us. In coming together, we can see the connection between us. – Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Founder of The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.)

Read an interview with Rev. Glasgow at the 2007 USSF.

General Assembly Notice & Occupy the Courts Working Group

Occupy Fall River will not be meeting this Sunday.

We are currently postponing further General Assemblies as we dedicate our time to our Occupy the Courts event planned for January 20th.

If you would like to be involved in the Occupy the Courts working group (part of Move to Amend), we will be meeting at 6 PM on Monday at the UNFR suite at the G&J Building at 209 Bedford st. in Fall River. The entrance is on the side street and is always locked. If you show up late, please call the number posted on the door. We will attempt to check periodically to see if anyone’s waiting outside who doesn’t have a cell phone.

First Weekend


Fellow Occupiers – Please join us this evening as members of Occupy Fall River join the community in a service of prayers for a New Year. The 6:30 p.m. service – at the First Baptist Church on N. Main St. – begins a three hour First Night program hosted by the LHHDD Neighborhood Association of Fall River (below). 

Occupy Fall River member Justin Val Rocha will be one of the speakers following the prayers.

Also, please note that Occupy Fall River will not be meeting on Sunday the 1st, but will instead meet Wednesday evening at 6 pm.

Meeting Wednesday, December 28th

Wednesday, December 28th6 pm: We will be meeting December 28th at 6 PM at the UNFR fourth floor suite in the G & J Professional Building at 209 Bedford St. for General Assembly. Please enter by the building’s side entrance around the corner on 6th street. Look out for instructions for entering posted on the door as the entrance tends to be locked.

Still Under Construction

We’ve had a few blips and bloops, and we’re still getting our bearings, so please pardon the appearance. We are focusing first on adding content, and help is on the way with a visual make-over. The site is functional, but it is not complete.

-OFRiv Media Team

(OFR is taken by Occupy France)