March 21st Schedule of Events

4:00 – 5:00 PM – Bank Robs America Standout on the corner of Bedford and N. Main streets. Extra signs may be available.

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM – General Assembly at the UNFR suite (4th floor, G & J Building at 209 Bedford St.). Please use the 6th street entrance. 

On the Significant Successes and Potential of Occupy

Chomsky and Dada
“This is an extremely atomized society. People are alone… One effect of the Occupy Movement has been simply to spontaneously create small social systems of solidarity, mutual support, cooperation, cooperative kitchens, libraries, health services, general assemblies in which people actually interact and so on. That’s something that is very much missing in this society. When we talk about potential, part of the potential would be to first of all maintain those bonds and associations after the tactic has outlived its usefulness. And tactics do outlive their usefulness. After that happens, if what has been learned and internalized can be sustained and extended, that would be very important in itself.”

From a recent interview with Noam Chomsky at the Prout Institute of Venezuela on how the Occupy movement is a direct challenge to the “tremendous efforts [by the business world]… that have been going on for a century and a half… to create a social order in which the basic social unit is you and your television set, in which you’re watching ads and going out to purchase commodities.”

Occupy in Solidarity w BCC Students and Faculty


Your Education. Your College. Your Career. Your Life. OFRiv leafletted during the student and faculty walk-out in protest of Governor Patrick’s unified community college system plan. Read an eloquent letter from a BCC student and Attleboro resident. And consider the powerful words of John Dewey (1859 – 1952), this country’s most illustrious social philosopher:

“It is illiberal and immoral to train children to work not freely and intelligently but for the sake of the work earned.” Furthermore, an education designed to “simply give skill in such [rudimentary] undertakings is not free because [it is] not freely participated in… The results achieved are not the ends of [workers'] actions but only of their employers.”

from The Middle Works of John Dewey, Volume 9: Democracy and Education.

Quote of the Day: Imposed Austerity vs. Chosen Simplicity

Earth Warrior“The dominant economic model based on resource monopolies and the rule of an oligarchy is not just in conflict with ecological limits of the planet. It is in conflict with the principles of democracy, and governance by the people, of the people, for the people.

…Instead of forced austerity that helps the rich become super rich, the powerful become totalitarian, chosen simplicity enables us all to adjust ecologically, to reduce over  consumption of the planets resources, it allows us to adjust socially to enhance democracy and it creates a path for

economic adjustment based on justice and equity.”

- Dr. Vandana Shiva, world-renowned environmental leader, physicist and thinker.

Tonight’s GA, Important Updates, Tomorrow’s Action

Tonight’s GA  – 5:30 PM Fall River Main Public Library – Nagle Room
Important Updates
March 1st event (Thursday) at BCC and Durfee in solidarity with Occupy Our Education

Maryellen, Eileen, and I would like to request that we stop posting articles to the GoogleGroup, unless it’s something we all need to read. We can create another Google Group for discussions, for those who would like to continue discussing articles. I am personally fond of doing this when I have the time or an article interests me since I have an smart phone, but I understand this can be overwhelming or annoying for people.

Occupy Fall River pamphlets are being made by Maryellen and I. We did the best we could to represent all of us. We can change it later if we all want.

We have at least fifty copies of the Occupied Providence Journal.

On March 1st, Occupy Fall River will meet at the BCC campus center, if you can advise us to the nearest “free speech zone” (rolls eyes at the term), it would be helpful.

The ideal is to try to get close enough to where students can hear us, mic check pre-written or on-the-fly statements on higher ed, and distribute copies of the Occupied Providence Journal along with Occupy Fall River leaflets. We hope to mic check it, but if there aren’t enough of us, it could just be a soapbox.

I also hope some students will engage us. Deanna and I had hoped we might be able to talk to some people in hopes of a BCC Occupy.

Next, we will meet at the bus stop in front of the Driscoll Rink for 2:30. When the students start to come out, we will mic check or soap box about public education. It can be anything you want, but choose something you feel is important. Nothing over one or two minutes each. You may draft several statements, if we decide there to take turns. We will repeat the distribution of materials. We will of course be respectful of other people’s opinions, and not be too pushy. I hope to get a flier up about the event in New York Bagel by Wednesday, which I will work on tonight or tomorrow.

Our worst case scenario is that we perform shameless self-promotion by general person-to-person engagement and distribution of materials.

We can make this the focus of Wednesday’s GA. I also propose that for Wednesday’s protest, we protest outside a Walgreens or Wal-Mart with signs about ALEC. I can make signs for anyone who would like one.

Wednesday’s GA will be at the Fall River Main Public Library in the Nagle Room at 5:30 PM-7:30 PM? All are welcome. If you can’t make the whole thing, we will try to catch you up if we can.
Likely agenda items are:
Occupy Education event
Move to Amend
May Day event
Operation Seedbomb/Occupy Our Food Supply
Occupy Monsanto
Black March
Movie nights

Considering time restraints, some may have to just be short discussions.

This movement is expanding fast, and it’s through a lot of collaboration. We are all in this together. We are the “99%”.

Quote of the day

Vandana Shiva[T]he right of corporations to force-feed citizens of the world with culturally inappropriate and hazardous foods has been made absolute. The right to food, the right to safety, the right to culture, are all being treated as trade barriers that need to be dismantled…we have to reclaim our right to nutrition and food safety. Food democracy…is the new agenda for ecological sustainability and social justice.”
- Vandana Shiva, “Stolen Harvest”

Quote of the day

Talita Soares, Tamera Summer University, Portugal“There are cracks in the system through which light can shine in. Together they form the infinite starry sky. Through connecting those shiny spots, you can form constellations. A group of tiny points of light can be combined to form the picture of a huge mighty lion. Together, they can make one see clearly even in the darkest night.”