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How Do We Occupy? Resources for keeping track of the Occupy movement here and beyond.

OCCUPY WALL STREET | www.occupywallstreet.net

  • OccupyWallStreet.net is brought to you by the NYC General Assembly to provide news, information and inspiration from the occupations of Wall Street and around the world.

Occupy Boston | www.occupyboston.org

  • Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which may be seen as a consequence of the same inspirations that birthed the Arab Spring. In the aim of equalizing the power of individual voices, we employ a direct democracy.

OccupyWallStreet.org | www.occupywallst.org

Adbusters’ campaign headquarters for tactical briefings

The Occupy Network | occupy.net

  • The Occupy.net project provides the #occupy movement with useful free/libre/opensource software tools.
  • Comprised of Occupy Directory (beta) directory.occupy.net as well as Occupy.NetWiki, Occupy Classifieds

Occupy Together  | www.occupytogether.org

  • Occupy Together is the unofficial hub for the various occupations across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Towns and cities worldwide are participating.

Occupy.com | www.occupy.com

  • A work in progress…a new media channel that will amplify the voices of Occupy…an open invitation to creators of every stripe…independent and non-profit.

Waging Nonviolence occupy-spring and occupations

  • Waging Nonviolence is a source for news, analysis and original reporting about nonviolent activism, as well as for discussion of the theory behind it.

InterOccupy | Connecting Occupations | interoccupy.org

  • We at InterOccupy seek to foster communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies, across the movement.

Strike Debt | www.strikedebt.org

  • Strike Debt emerged from a series of Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Theory open assemblies that began in May 2012 in NYC. We are spreading the word that debt is a global system of domination and exploitation of the 99% by the 1%. Strike Debt links diverse individuals and communities to resist the debt system.

We Are the 99 Percent tumblr | wearethe99percent.tumblr.com

  • Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why do YOU occupy?

Global Revolution tv | www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

  • Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world.

Nation of Change | www.nationofchange.org

  • Continuous Occupation Coverage at NationofChange

How To Occupy | www.howtooccupy.org

  • HowToOccupy is conceived to promote and spread the methods, techniques and knowledge about peaceful occupation of public spaces while developing sustainable ways of living based on participatory democracy. We are an open community based on free information, we believe in the power of synergy applied to creative commons and copyleft for the benefit of the many.

New York City General Assembly | nycga.cc

  • The NYC General Assembly is composed of dozens of groups working together to organize and set the vision for the #occupywallstreet movement. This is our official website.

Burgeoning local movements!

Occupy Fall River | www.occupyfallriver.org

  • YOU ARE HERE. Occupy Fall River is an assembly formed for and by the People. Occupy Fall River has formed to create a process with which the People can take charge of their government and reclaim their communities.

Occupy Providence | www.occupyprovidence.com

  • The website for #OccupyProvidence’s General Assembly, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements throughout the world as a vehicle for socioeconomic change.

Occupy East Providence | FB:OccupyEastProvidence

  • Occupy East Providence is East Providence’s own local chapter of the Occupy movement.

Occupy Hartford | OccupyHartfordCT.com

  • 1% of Americans possess 99% of America’s money, giving a few people political power. Occupy Hartford is here for Economic Justice.

Print and audio/visual media, streams, etc.

Occupied Wall Street Journal | www.occupiedmedia.org

  • The Occupied Wall Street Journal, an OWS affinity group, is one of many media projects participating in the Occupy movement.

Zuccotti Press Occupied Media Pamphlet Series | www.zuccottiparkpress.com

  • A pamphlet series founded to extend that spirit through the printed word and to join in the advocacy of social change through public participation in debate, protest and genuine democracy.

Occupy Theory. Tidal. | occupytheory.org

  • Let us create this world together. Read. Share. Distribute. Tidal.

The Boston Occupier | “Free Press” http://bostonoccupier.com/

  • The Boston Occupier is a volunteer-run, independent newspaper and website located in Boston, Massachusetts. We report on the efforts of grassroots activists, politics, policy and local/national news pertaining to the issues raised by the Occupy movement

Indig-nación – Periódico Ocupa en Español | www.indig-nacion.org

  • INDIGNacion es un grupo de afinidad con el movimiento Ocupa Wall Street, uno de varios proyectos de media, cuyo objetivo es servir de enlace con la comunidad latina en EEUU y el mundo hispano.

Occupy Boston Radio for the 99%! Listen Now! | www.occupyboston.org/radio

  • The Radio Working Group is striving to produce quality programming related to Occupy Boston, the Occupy Movement and related topics of the 99%.

OBR.fm Green Room occupybostonradio.wordpress.com/

  • Blog of Occupy Boston Radio

The Illuminator | theilluminator.org

  • The Illuminator is a tactical media tool, available to the movement… The Illuminator is a cargo van equipped with video and audio projection, as well as a fully stocked infoshop and mini-library.

Art, Graphics

Occuprint | occuprint.org

  • Occuprint collects, prints and distributes posters from the worldwide Occupy movement.

OccupyDesign | occupydesign.org

  • Occupy Design is a grassroots project connecting designers with on-the-ground demonstrators in the Occupy Together movement.

Occupy* Posters http://owsposters.tumblr.com/home

  • Born of solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s grievances during its earliest September 2011 days,

Resources on inequality

Inequality.org  | inequality.org

  • A portal into all things online related to the income and wealth gaps that so divide us, in the United States and throughout the world.

State of Corporate Power 2012 | www.tni.org/report/state-corporate-power-2012

  • A project of the Transnational Institute, the State of Corporate Power seeks to develop analysis and proposals on how to dismantle corporate power.

Home | The Equality Trust | www.equalitytrust.org.uk

  • The Equality Trust is an independent, evidence based campaign working to reduce income inequality in order to improve the quality of life in the UK.

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