A Vision for Occupy Fall River

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At the last two OFRiv GA’s we discussed a ‘vision exercise’, first suggested by Wendy Garf-Lipp of UNFR, to help members consider what long term goals we have for the group.
There is a great deal going on in the movement both locally and beyond. Hence it is a challenge to decide where to put our energies especially since each day brings new ideas, actions and directions to take. Indeed, this suggests we need to work on a mission statement, itself something to consider collectively. What Wendy explained, however, is that a vision exercise could help us in this regard. In a way it would be like putting our big rocks in the jar before the smaller ones so to speak.
And the distinction? A mission statement describes what we are trying to accomplish right now whereas a vision statement expresses what our community will look like once we’ve succeeded. According to Wikipedia:
  • Vision: outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be (an “idealised” view of the world). It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration. For example, a charity working with the poor might have a vision statement which reads “A World without Poverty.”
  • Mission: Defines the fundamental purpose of an organization or an enterprise, succinctly describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision. For example, the charity above might have a mission statement as “providing jobs for the homeless and unemployed”.
So please think about this and share your vision for Occupy Fall River with us. We invite you to write to us directly by responding to this request via email (occupyfrmedia-at-gmail-dot-com) or share your ideas, hopes and dreams online in the comments section below. Take your time to think it through or just brainstorm quickly. This is an important exercise and we encourage each of you to approach it in your own way. There is no deadline but we do hope folks will get back to us within a week or so. Certainly if people need more time than that we are flexible.
If you do comment on this page, note that first timers will require administrative approval to post given all the spammers that try to comment in bulk. But once we’ve determined from your email that you’re you and not a spam-bot, you are free to blog to your heart’s content!

We greatly look forward to your feedback!

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