2012/02/29 GA notes

Occupy Fall River GA  Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four people attending, Justin facilitator, Nancy note taker.  Notes also from Justin.

Items discussed:

1.  OFRiv leaflet distributed.  Discussed points in it, corrections to be made.  Maryellen to polish it and make at least 50 copies for distribution at BCC event.

2. BCC event for Thursday brought up.  Justin has script.  Unsure of number of people attending, 2 confirmed for BCC, 4 maybe at bus stop, so mic check may not be possible.  But can distribute flyers, Occupy Providence Journal newspaper.

3.  Move to Amend.  Justin has 2 signatures for Swansea submission.  Will work on getting more.  Per Al (by email) resolution not being brought up in Fall River until after another controversial issue is presented.

4.  Black March.  Justin discussed and explained event.  A month long boycott (no downloading or buying) in US and Europe of copyrighted media.  Justin wants to put together leaflet and pass out in stores.

5.  Movie Nights.  Pending further outreach to Deb F.

6.  Military spending/budget issue (called 25% campaign in recent emails).  Maryellen wants a teach-in to educate and engage everyone.  Per Deb F, city councilors such as Dennis, Miozza, and Poulin have endorsed, as well as Mayor Flanagan.  Would like event for tax day but maybe for May Day event.

7.  May Day event.  Much discussion followed.  Justin’s notes:  Working group formed for May 1st May Day event. Current proposal: morning protest, march along Plymouth Ave and then to Kennedy Park. Workshops and entertainment. One of the workshops potentially on the campaign for the 25% solution. Ends with community speak out. Have some connections for festivities. Need to reach out to St Anne’s association about use of the park. For speak out, will reach out to various associations and groups within the city and offer time slots to speak on issues they feel are important. Half the stack will be reserved for the groups, and the other half is open stack.

To discuss further with Deb F, along with movie night.  Also encourage people to take the day off from work.  Also discussed learning how to use video (with Steve’s instruction) to tape event and possibly have once a month discussion taped for FRCTV.

8.  Occupy Our Food Supply/ Monsanto/Seed Bomb. Per Justin:  Occupy Fall River has consented to adopt Operation Seedbomb as a local initiative for urban and guerrilla gardening. We will begin formal planning.  Justin also discussed networking with Seeds of Sustainability group at BCC and similar group at UMass Dartmouth.


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