2011/12/04 General Assembly notes

Occupy Fall River General Assembly, December 4, 2011

Four people attending.  Justin facilitator, Nancy note taker

Justin started meeting by asking that OFR revise the procedural process decided upon in the 2nd GA to those based on Occupy Providence notes.  Thinks it’s important to “run before we walk.”: 

New Procedures:

I.  Introduction

II.  Announcements/News

III.  Working Groups Report backs

IV.  Responses/Concerns/Questions

V.  Working Group Proposals

VI.  Responses

VII.  Address Blocks/Revote

IX.  Individual Proposals/Announcements

X.  Responses/Concerns/Questions

XI.  Voting

XII.  Address Blocks/Revote

XIII.  Soapbox

Item I:  Justin displayed the hand signals.  Maryellen asked a clarifying questions about some of the signals.

Item II:  Maryellen mentioned December 10 Occupy Boston meeting and that Boston has 2 weeks before a possible eviction.  Justin described more of recent conflict with police and sink pepper spray incident.  Also Philly and LA  encampment evictions and fun at Providence take back the night event on Saturday.  Maryellen also mentioned that Wendy invited OFR to a non-violence “getting along” workshop.  Justin also drafted a letter to Starwood employees.

Item III:  Maryellen mentioned the Excel spreadsheet with contact information she sent to Google Docs.  Justin also mentioned postings on Facebook and Twitter and other media.

Item IX:  Proposal made to go to Occupy Boston next Saturday (Dec 10).  Justin has room for 7 people in his car.  Pretty much a full day.  It’s also a Global Day of Action.  Justin had 4 proposals:  Decide on working groups, categories of work; “mock protest.”  Both proposals pass.  Also trip to Boston passes.  Proposal from Chris of Occupy Providence that OFR hold its GA next Sunday (Dec 11) in Providence before Occupy Providence holds its GA.  Then stay for that GA.  It will be in Burnside Park or if too cold in the library tent.  Proposal passes.

Item XIII:  Discussion of letter to be sent to Herald News.  Not ready yet.  No one really has complete copy of what happened during meeting last Wednesday at Nonni’s.  Maryellen has some modifications to bullet points.  Proposal passes that working group meet this week to finish it.  Also discussion about what a majority vote is.  Depends on how many people OFR has.

Justin asked for ideas for Working Groups, new and old.  They are Media and Outreach, Direct Action, Facilitation, InterOccupy which deals with networking and involves lots of conference calls.  Further discussion about what each group entails and members already in groups.  Decision for Outreach Working group to meet on Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Highland Pizza was made.  Direct Action group to meet on-line.  Discussions about direct actions to take:  mic check at mall; Occupy Homes idea from previous GA; New Years talk at church gathering. 

Proposal from Justin to meet every Sunday for GA passes.

Meeting broke up at 3 pm so people present could make signs to take outside and walk around to make OFR visible.  Signs said:  Occupy Fall River, We Are the 99%, We Are All In This Together, Join The Revolution.  OFR went up Bedford St, right to Robeson?, then right on Pleasant St and back to Sixth St.  Joined by one more person who took pictures (since posted on Facebook).

Met back at 4th floor office with another person present but no further relevant discussion.

GA next week at Occupy Providence.

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