2012/03/14 GA notes

Occupy Fall River GA  March 14, 2012

3 people attended full GA, 3 more parts of GA

Overview of Move to Amend for newcomers.

Justin gave his overview of what he wanted out of Occupy Fall River:  more power to the people; overturn Citizens United; direct democracy, get Fall River community more involved, more job prospects and make it a safer place.

Nikki, newcomer to Fall River as well as GA, talked about her involvement in Abbey Grill/Central Congregational Church preservation.  She’s talked with officials and chair of ?Historic Commission, real estate people about how to preserve it.  also interested in arts in the city (she’s a graphic artist) and designing a logo for OFRiv.

Maryellen discussed her recent attempts to get everyone to share a vision statement for OFRiv.

Agenda for GA:

Seed Bomb

May 1

Direct action/99% spring

99% spring.  Issue of space.  Justin to pursue bcc.  Maryellen to pursue bcc space in new Bedford.  Nancy to contact boy’s & girls club.   Also discussed having it outdoors at kennedy park.  Later on camilo joined ga and further discussed space issues as well as timing for event.  April 21st seemed to work out best.  Also who would attend and how to interest people in attending.

Seed bomb.  Darren leading this initiative.  Justin and others joining.  Red clay hard to find but Justin checking into risd.  Justin would like to do cleanup this week and start making seed bombs at his place.  Nikki suggested asking greenhouses for plant donations.

May 1 event.  Still not sure what’s happening.  Don’t want to anger st. anne’s neighborhood association  (SANA)that’s afraid of losing parking and cleanups if having event or meetings at kennedy park.  Maryellen wants ofriv to help with sana’s partk cleanup the weekend before may 1.

Other issues discussed:  flyering at bcc every week, ga’s being held in the park on Sundays maybe now that warm weather is here.; flyering at boardwalk at heritage park.


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