General Assembly

The General Assembly is when everyone gets together and decides what we’re going to do, builds the movement, and creates a working horizontal leadership structure. Basically, the assembly runs by consensus, and there are no leadership positions.

General Assembly meets every other Sunday at Kennedy Park on or by the stairs near the skating rink, from 1-3 PM.

Currently, we have borrowed from Occupy Providence’s facilitation structure, with a few slight modifications. General assemblies under ten are based on consensus, and all general assemblies over ten require a require a 60% majority to pass a proposal.

At the assemblies, we vote on proposals. Proposals can be brought forth by individuals and also by task-based groups called working groups. A working group is a group that forms to fulfill a specific need (Outreach), such as handling web-stuff (Media), calling people, planning events and actions (Direct Action), medical stuff (Medical), legal stuff (Legal), or figuring out how to make everything work (Facilitation). It is suggested that if your proposal could fall under an existing working group’s area of business, that you bring it to the working group first. If for ever reason you cannot, do not wish to, or were unsure of who to bring it to, that is fine. It is merely a suggestion.

We aim to post notes from each General Assembly here, and notes from working groups in their respective working group section of this web-site.

Click here for an 8 minute video on consensus by Occupy Wall Street (OWS).

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