Pull The Pork from the Pentagon!

Sequestration (see-kwi-stray-shun)

noun: the action of making a general cut in government spending



This Wednesday, February 27th join us for USAction’s National Day of Action to Pull the Pork – Protect our Priorities! In Providence at the RI State House at 3:30; at the Worcester City Hall at noon; in Boston @ 4:30 pm at Park Street Station, Tremont & Park Streets. Go to pullthepork.org to find an event near you or go to the AFSC event page for more info and resources.

On March 1st, automatic federal budget cuts a.k.a. sequestration will take effect unless Congress intervenes. States beleaguered by FY2011 spending caps stand to lose millions more. For Massachusetts that means $13.9 million in public education funding, 1,100 Head Start slots, millions in environmental protection funds and more than $500,000 meant for nutrition assistance to seniors – just for starters. Yet the Pentagon budget will retain hundreds of billions of dollars for outdated weaponry, boondoggle projects plagued by cost overruns like the $1.5 Trillion F-35 “plane that can’t fly”, plus nuclear weapons and hundreds of European bases that are relics of last century’s Cold War.

Rather than protect us, Pentagon pork enriches defense contractor CEOs and siphons money away from community health, a well-trained workforce, public infrastructure and investment in our children’s educational future.

Washington needs to hear from us. Join us on the 27th. Additionally, call or write your Congressional delegation. They sure hear from military contractors – now it’s time they hear from us! It’s time to Pull the Pork from the Pentagon not our Services!

And finally (in MA), sign the Budget for All petition – to have a federal budget that works for all of us!

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