Have a Heart, No More Cuts! Tax the 1%! Bring our Troops Home Now!

Jobs Not Cuts!

“Have A Heart” rally to encourage Kennedy to endorse the Budget for All.

About 15 people from all around the district gathered Saturday morning to stand in downtown Attleboro as it snowed to promote the Budget for All. These representatives of the Mass Alliance of HUD tenants, Occupy Fall River, Occupy Newton, Fund Our Communities Not War-MA, and several other groups later met with Joe Kennedy to ask him to endorse this proposal, a progressive budget developed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus – of which he is a member. The “Budget for All” would preserve and protect our vital public services now on the chopping block. It proposes over a trillion dollars over the next decade towards job and community investment that can straightforwardly be funded by increasing taxes on the wealthiest earners, eliminating loopholes for corporate tax dodgers and cutting Pentagon pork like:

  • the F-35 jet fighter, the “plane that cannot fly”
  • closing European military bases and retire outmoded cold war era¬†weaponry
  • eliminating nuclear weapons
  • ending the war now and bringing the troops home safely

You can view the  video of the office meeting with Kennedy here. Suffice it to say that our talking points are not his talking points Рhe spoke of the costs of healthcare that fuel the deficit, he talked of investing in our future by investing in basic research (as has been requested by DoD contract recipients MIT, Rensselaer Polytech and Texas Instruments). But we did not hear him agree with the military cuts or our other points.

The March 1 sequester is bearing down on us and our vital public services are imperiled. We have lots of work to do.

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