Valentine’s week events 2013

Occupy Fall River continues its work in the New Year.


One Billion Rising!

This Thursday, join the global movement to end violence against women and girls as we help sponsor the local One Billion Rising: RISE UP and SPEAK UP event at Government Center, Fall River. This event is free and open to all ages as we dance and speak up together against sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, incest and all forms of physical and emotional violence against women and children. SIGN UP HERE!

• Have a Heart! No More Cuts!

Sign up for the MoveOn event

Stop the Cuts! Invest in Jobs and our Communities!

Then on Saturday, February 16th join us in downtown Attleboro – one of 15 such events across the country – to rally for the Budget for All and against federal budget austerity: “Have a Heart! No More Cuts!” We will encourage our newly elected Representative Joe Kennedy to endorse the Budget for All, a progressive budget that is supported by a supermajority of Massachusetts voters. We will give him gigantic Budget for All Valentine on behalf of the 600,000 in Massachusetts who want Congress and the President to STOP THE CUTS | TAX THE 1% AND CORPORATIONS | CUT THE PENTAGON BUDGET AND END THE WARS NOW | INVEST IN JOBS AND OUR COMMUNITIES. SIGN UP HERE TODAY!


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