Rally and Hearing Against Privatization of Public Education


Rally and Public Hearing for a Proposed Grade 5-12 Charter School in Fall River

Fall River Public Library, 104 N. Main St.

Thursday, Dec. 13

Standout Protest at 3:30 PM

Public Hearing 4:00 – 6:00 PM

The newly formed Coalition to Save Our Schools has the following demands: Either the new charter is union and is subject to regulation just like the public schools, or we don’t want it. Join us to hold signs and speak out.

We must be aware of the impact this will have on our schools and our students if approved:

  • Charters hurt school funding. The proposed school will eventually drain about $7 million a year from city schools (assuming 90% of the 585 students come from Fall River at $13,550 per student).
  • They compete on an uneven playing field. Charters typically serve far fewer high-need students than district schools.
  • Charters create a two-tiered education system. Charters typically have very high attrition rates, “losing” students along the way who can’t meet academic or behavior standards. District schools serve all students, regardless of need.




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