Stand with Walmart Strikers on Black Friday

Stand with Walmart workers in the fight for their rights!


For decades, Walmart has dragged down wages, forcing their workers to work irregular schedules, and intimidated and took retribution on any workers who fought back. It’s time for the retribution to end, so come to this local Walmart to show your solidarity and tell Walmart that they need to treat workers with respect.

If you can commit to attending, please sign on at:
Schedule of Actions:Mic check in support of striking Walmart workers at the Fall River Walmart. 11AM
374 William S Canning Boulevard
Fall River, MA

We will deliver a letter of delivery of solidarity and read it out load for mangers, workers and customers to hear.
Seekonk, MA 1PM
1180 Fall River Ave
Seekonk, MA

Letter delivery and reading in support Walmart workers.
Providence RI 2PM
51 Silver Spring Street
Providence, RI

A mic check, common in the Occupy movement, is when participants repeat in unison the words of a speaker. It is a great way to amplify our voices and to spread the word about what is happening. We are not interfering with customers shopping or workers duties but will be spreading awareness of and solidarity with the courageous activities of Walmart workers around the country.

Your presence will make a difference! Please let us know if you are interested in attending but can not because of transportation issues. Let’s figure out carpools and support each other to build strong solidarity that will improve working conditions for Walmart workers.

For more info, contact Camilo Viveiros at or call him at 401-338-1665

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