We Stand With Walmart Workers


You may have heard that a wave of strikes has been spreading among Walmart retail and warehouse workers nationwide. So, in solidarity with striking warehouse workers in Chicago we are supporting local workers who are taking on the worlds largest employer!
On Friday October 12th and along with similar delegations this week across Massachusetts, a group of us will to deliver a letter to the local Walmart addressed to Chairman of the Board Rob WaltonThe letter is a United Call to Change Walmart and Rebuild America. Workers can no longer accept substandard wages and endure oppressive working conditions while the Walton family owns more than the bottom 42% of American families combined. We demand Walmart improve workers’ lives, rebuild communities, guarantee workers’ rights and elevate global living standards.
Join us at Walmart in Fall River this Friday. We begin at 1:15, but we ask for participants to show up at 1:00.
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